Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

A hot topic is the debate over legalising medical marijuana and if this will rollout to all states within Australia as its been tested to help ease pain and is bringing in a very well received vote of approval in the United States.

There is a rising trend that people actually believe that there is a a way that you can smoke enough daily weed that you can see decreases in weight they are really following this marijuana weight loss trend as it sweeps the nation there are even workout videos promoting the marijuana weight loss workout, something to be aware of now that the ease of access for medical marijuana has increased thanks to legalised dispensary’s there is a growing alarm over trends such as making drugs look “cool” to young people

The fact is medical marijuana helps thousands of people all over the world relief pain, helps with kemo recovery and to have some way of coping with the associated effects of cancer treatment. I am all for medical marijuana as a treatment I think those in so much pain should have access to the items that help remove that pain, look at the US state of Denver where Colorado is thriving because of the legalisation of marijuana there are new jobs, taxes that can help build the necessary for the community and a decrease in crime. Im not agreeing to legalise marijuana just so pot heads can get the next hit before going to the movies or driving a car I would like to see it controlled enough that only those in need get the service.

Marijuana weight loss and legalisation could see a new way for people to incorporate their medical marijuana and recovery fitness programs back into a two birds with one stone scenario if it works just an idea. Ive been seeing a lot of people praise the use of medical cannabis for treatment of extreme pain  and chronic headaches along with chemotherapy and I truely hope we can find these people some common comfort towards taking some of that daily pain away.

Celebrities used to get away from drug addiction very easy you pay a fine or do some community work or visit a rehab centre for a week and you wouldnt hear any more about it, unlucky for most of the population that they cant just put a beanie on and carry around a takeaway coffee cup to get out of the drug scene, if only it was that easy. No one is safe from the claws of addiction Tom Arnold famous actor was 16 years sober when he revealed he had a hidden opiate addiction