Subutex Uses

Subutex uses and what you need to know.

Does Subutex Help Ease the Pain of Addiction

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from a chemical dependency, you know the pains associated with attempting to recover from the addiction, I tell you this is the best time top pay attention. If the cravings for the substance were not bad enough, the side effects from detoxing can create a situation which overcoming can be overwhelmingly difficult.

For some struggling through the recovery process of a chemical dependency, a medication called Subutex may be prescribed to help manage the symptoms brought about through the detoxing process. This is especially true for those recovering from opioid addictions.

These Addictions Can Be (but are not limited to)

– Heroin

– Oxycodone

– Hydrocodone

– Morphine

– And Even Alcohol

If the addiction is severe enough to the affected person, the detoxing process can prove to be extremely painful and can even cause major side effects that might be witnessed like tremors, hallucinations, headaches, and can even leave the patient bed-ridden at some points if not closely taken care of or monitored. In these cases, Subutex would be prescribed to help with the withdrawal symptoms in addition to the intense cravings from the patient or the affected person.

What is Subutex?

Subutex is the brand name for the medication buprenorphine. This medication, when taken under the regulated dosage and administration, emulates properties like those which would be experienced through taking an opioid drug.

Subutex is a medication that belongs to a group of drugs known as mixed opioid agonist-antagonists. This means that the treatment is used as a remedy for addiction to other narcotic drugs. Subutex assists in preventing the symptoms experienced through withdrawal that is caused by a sudden stop of use of those drugs.

While emulating these properties, Subutex is administered in a controlled, refined state, allowing it to ease the pains that are associated with the detoxing process rather than being designed to replace the old addiction with a new one. These side effects include struggles like:

– Body tremors

– A sensation of crawling skin

– Hallucinations

– Headaches

– Body cramps and pains

Subutex also helps patients by reducing cravings associated with their addiction.

The Ceiling Effect

As Subutex is, itself, an opioid by design, it is used because of the lower risk of misuse and overdose that it has from other narcotic drugs. The reason Subutex is trusted to reduce cravings and manage the misuse of medication is because of its inherit “ceiling effect”. The ceiling effect associated with the medication means that the effects of Subutex will eventually level off — even if the dosage is increased.

The ceiling effect for Subutex makes it a safer alternative when readjusting the patient to life without their addicting opioid drug. This benefit of the medication is what enables it to assist in easing the withdrawal symptoms without causing excess danger for the patient — thus helping the user’s chance at long-term recovery.

Since the ceiling effect that Subutex offers means that the temporary benefits of taking the medicine will taper off, patients who use the medication often have an easier time coming off of the use of the drug. This ceiling creates a step-down process for the recovery program.

Side Effects for Subutex

Since Subutex is an opioid, it does have several of the dangers associated with highly addictive opioid drugs like Heroin, Morphine, and others. While it does assists with the detox process, that is only because it gives off interactions similar to that of other opioid drugs.

Therefore, it is very reasonable that one could become equally addicted to Subutex as the drug addiction

the patient is currently fighting. For this reason, Subutex should only be administered under the supervision of a qualified doctor or psychiatrist.

Other side effects for Subutex include:

Desired Temporary Side Effects

– Mild Feelings of Euphoria

– Pain Reduction

– A Sense of Mental and Physical Relaxation

– Slower Breathing

Unwanted Side Effects

– Nausea and Vomiting -Constipation

– Muscle Cramping

– Fever

– Insomnia

– Dizziness

Misuse and Overdose with Subutex

Subutex is designed to be taken as a sublingual tablet, which means it is meant to be placed on the tongue and left to dissolve. Even though Subutex is designed to help ease the pain of addiction from opioid drugs, overdose is a severe risk and should not be taken lightly.

In some cases, patients have crushed the medication for inhalation or injection in order to receive a more powerful effect from the drug. However, when administered in these manners, the misuse of Subutex can cause severe and even fatal side effects.

Side Effects of Subutex Misuse and Overdose

– Dizziness

– Suppressed Breathing

– Confusion

– Unconsciousness

– Death

Easing Off Subutex

As previously mentioned, Subutex is an opioid by nature, albeit a more controlled version. This means that it also has addictive qualities, which means stopping the use of the medication “cold turkey” can cause the user to experience several withdrawal symptoms.

Subutex Withdrawal Symptoms Can Include

– Restlessness

– Nausea

– Watering Eyes

– Running Nose

– Sweating

– Muscle Cramps and Aches

Ceasing use of Subutex should be organized and managed by a qualified doctor or psychiatrist. To prevent withdrawal symptoms, the patient’s doctor should gradually reduce the dose given over a period of time Before taking oneself off of Subutex, be sure to consult a doctor about all possible side effects.

Subutex Can Help with the Addiction Recovery Process

The process of recovering from addiction can be a painful one filled with withdrawal side effects like overwhelming cravings and other physical pains. However, in many cases, Subutex offers an incredible first step down the road to recovery.

Through the use as a part of a complete recovery plan set in place by professional medical practitioners, Subutex brings incredible relief to its users. However, this medication is not meant solely to be a replacement for an addictive substance.

Through its proper use, Subutex is designed to be a single piece of the recovery process. The full recovery plan, designed by a qualified doctor or psychiatrist, should also include counseling, lifestyle change and behavioral contracts, and compliance monitoring.

If all of these strategies are included with the use of Subutex, it can be quite an amazing aid.