Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Severe Methadone Withdrawal Symptoms


Methadose and methadone are two words for the same thing. Methodone, we know as a treatment protocol for people who are suffering from opiate addictions, typically heroin addiction. And it’s a medically-prescribed regimen where people go to a doctor and they take methadone to deal with their withdrawal symptoms that they have from coming down from their heroin addiction. So it’s important that it’s medically monitored, medically prescribed. And then in addition to the methadone treatment plan a person should be in therapy as well. One of the issues with the methadone is that you are using a drug to key to solve a drug addiction problem. And people who have addictive personalities will abuse that and will tend to abuse their methadone. Methadone is supposedly, the intent of methadone is to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. And people say that you can’t get high from it. But other people say that you can get high from it and do. And so again it’s people who have an addictive personality who will tend to abuse substances. So it’s very important that if you are in a methadone treatment program that you stick with the regimen, that you have other therapy that you are involved with, and that you have a program of recovery where you plan on getting off the methadone after a period of time.

Methadone is no joke there are hundreds if not thousands of people that can not get a handle on life when anywhere near this drug like it just sucks all their self control out the window and takes control of their mind, sad but true quote Metallica that it is in fact a daily problem for many Australian’s that suffer from methadone addiction we have provided several videos on this website to help educate on methadone. Some effects are  Anxiety, depression and fidgeting are signs of withdrawal some people have been known to suffer panic attacks while suffering withdrawals if you want to see a specialist about ways to cope with panic attacks & general anxiety visit this link.


The people who use Methadone do not fit a cookie cutter description this drug effects all walks of life high level executives the labourer the video ezy store clerk to the guy at the traffic lights that tries to wash your car window it takes hold of all walks of life and has no set taste for who succumbs to addiction.

The video below is a collection of severe meth withdrawal symptoms.

The importance is raising awareness about the cause and effect of Methadone use and the various symptoms, visit this link to see more on symptoms of Methadone addiction.